Love Tumblr Themes
...and so am I~


oh my~


I got 200 followers :D

Thank you guys!

I feel like drawing something to ‘celebrate’ that… though what?

Tell me what to draw and I’ll decide then~


I know you guys like ignoring me but what are you following me for then? xD

…or do I draw that ugly?


Magi 30 days challenge

Day 5: Favourite shounen ai pairing

You wouldn’t have guessed…

Sinju~ <3 I just have so many feels I can’t even express how hard I ship them!

I just love those two together <3 It’s just everything (in my mind, you don’t need to understand or be the same opinion ^^)

I like how Judal somehow seems to have a thing for Sinbad, he pretty much chases after him. And when Sinbad just doesn’t want to join forces with Judal the butthurt little Magi just tries to make him jealous with someone else. (Just fangirl-interpreting, don’t take me serious) Sinbad even seems to care when Judal suddenly starts crying, that was kinda cute. Really cute. I’d like to know what happened to them in the past, I really need to know that. :l


"This is really a day for conversation and discussion, rather than passion. The current alignment of planets indicates that if you have been going through a rough time in your current relationship, then this is the perfect opportunity to talk about it and sort things out. You could even discuss it over a meal and a glass of wine, which may help you get to the heart of the matter." A glass of wine... sure xD Though does that mean "rough time"'s gonna end? *clings* *cuddles*

Everything will be fine love <3

me too... you spoiled me way too much again >;

but I didn’t D:

Have some daily horoscope: yours says you're full of energy and basically "wow" the world and you wanna spend time with "Sweetie". Mine says I'm being weird today and that makes us out of sync... I do feel weird to be honest. Not my day... I hope you're fine at least *hugs*

I really do feel like spending time with you and I want to do so many things!

Here, have some "Daily LesbianScope for Sagittarius" xD "You like to be seen as adventurous and independent, but sometimes the best thing to do is ask for a little help. Don’t let your quest to be seen as self-sufficient keep you from making the smarter choice."

Scuse me, what? xD